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Why choose Portugal Seasons?

-When you Choose Portugal Seasons chooses more than one company, chooses tradition, culture, friendliness, quality and credibility.

At all times you will have our full availability, in order to make your stay in Portugal is the best where all the details count.

The Portugal Seasons is a certified business and legal?

Yes, we have the registration no. 5199 permit Travel Agency organizer , approved by tourism of Portugal.

What is included in a Tour or Transfer?

The tours Portugal Seasons always include:


-Private Guide and specialized.

-Vehicle comfortable luxury.

-Tour customized to your choice.

-Free Wifi and bottled water.

-Tour done in your language

In each tour can be more specific offers, see them!


Transfers Portugal Seasons always include:


-Rentals of luxury as you can see in our fleet.

-Driver Portugal Seasons with your a plate waiting for themselves

-Monitoring of the flight, we are always waiting for you, even if there are delays.

– Free Wifi and bottled water

-Transfers done in English, if request can be done in your language without additional costs.

Why choose a private tour?

Because, is free and always available for a stop, take pictures wherever you want, for lunch, for ask. Here in Private Tours Portugal Seasons ,your guide is your friend and will make your unique experience.

I have preference for a tour that is not on the website, can make a special?

Yes! You can always make a suggestion, or indicate where you would like to go or move that created a tour specifically for you.

Who are the drivers/Guides of Portugal Seasons

Our drivers/Guides of Portugal Seasons, are trained by the school of tourism and in addition are people with taste for Portugal, will share with you all your knowledge and giving you the best of Portugal.

How do I book and the late payments is concerned?

You can make a booking:

– By email

– On our website at’

You can make the payment.

-By transfer

-On our website  through paypal  from our reservation system where you have a 10% discount on all services.

-You can also pay in cash when you arrive in Portugal.

Is there any discount for book or pay online?

On our website  through paypal  from our reservation system where you have a 10% discount on all services.

We are ensured when we opted for services of Portugal Seasons?

Yes. We are completely secured by Allianz  Insurance, including:

– Personal Accident Insurance

– Safe on the Roads

– Liability Insurance

If i need to change or cancel the booking I am penalized?

You can change or cancel your booking at any time in a period of more than 3 days without penalty or then the 48 hours  with a penalty of 10% of the total value.


If you would like to share my experience or opinion how do I?

You can do it :

– Tripadvisor

– On our web site  by sending us a comment, which will subsequently be published.

– On facebook .

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